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Aleksandr Arkad'evich Galich

playwright , poet , popular ballad singer

Aleksandr Galich, USSR Poet, playwright, popular ballad singer.


Galich, Aleksandr was born on October 19, 1918 in Moscow.


Worked at the Stanislavskii Studio in Moscow. During World War II, took part in theatrical shows at the front as an actor. After World War II, started writing plays, filmscripts and songs.

Became immensely popular in the USSR in the 1960s, singing his own popular ballads, playing the guitar. Recordings of his songs heralded the beginning of magnitizdat (uncensored popular songs and music, recorded on tape). Severely reprimanded in 1968, expelled from the Union of Soviet Writers and the Union of Film Makers, 1971.

Emigrated, 1974. Joined the NTS (an anti-Communist party). Worked with Radio Liberty, at first in Munich, later in Paris. Under Gorbachev’s glasnost, rehabilitated in the Soviet Union.

Posthumously re-instated in the Union of Cinematographers, May 1988.