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Aleksandr Vasil’evich Kuprin


Aleksandr Kuprin, USSR Artist.


Kuprin, Aleksandr was born on March 22, 1880 in Borisoglebsk, now Voronezh Oblast’.


Studied at private studios in Petersburg, 1902-1904, then in Moscow 1904-1906, and also in Voronezh, 1899-1901. Studied under L.Solov’ev, M.Ponomarev (Voronezh), L.Dmitriev-Kavkazskii (Petersburg), and K.Iuon and I.Dudin (Moscow). Continued his education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1906-1909, under N.Kasatkin, A.Arkhipov and Konstantin Korovin.


Landscape painter. One of the founders of the association Bubnovyi Valet, 1910. Member of the Moskovskie Zhivopistsy from 1925. Taught at the VKHUTEMASVKHUTEIN, 1918-1952.

Until the mid-1920s, worked in the style of cubism. Main exhibitions: the Bubnovyi Valet, 1912-1914, 1916, 1927, the Mir Iskusstva, 1917, 1921, 1st State Peredvizhniki Moscow, 1925, Industry of Socialism, Moscow, 1939. Personal exhibitions: Moscow, 1923, 1934, 1948.