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Aleksandr Grigor’evich Lemberg


Aleksandr Lemberg, USSR Cameraman.


Lemberg, Aleksandr was born on October 22, 1898.


Entered the film industry, 1914. From 1916, cameraman on feature films. Worked under his father, Grigorii Lemberg.

In 1917, war cameraman. Filmed Lenin on many occasions from 1918-1922. Member of the team which filmed Lenin’s funeral, January 1924.

Cameraman during the Civil War. Member of the Kinoki (Kino-Eye) group. Worked with D. Vertov on Shestaia Chast’ Mira, 1926.

From 1938-1941, and from 1946, staff cameraman at the VDNKH (Permanent Exhibition of People’s Achievements).