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Aleksandr Appolonovich Manuilov


Aleksandr Manuilov, USSR Economist.


Manuilov, Aleksandr was born on February 28, 1861.


Graduated in law from Odessa University, 1883.


Professor of Moscow University, 1901. Rector of Moscow University, 1908-1911. As a young scientist, interested in Marxism (translated Marx), then liberal populism, and later joined the Cadet Party.

Opponent of Stolypin’s agrarian policies. In the spring of 1917, Minister of Education in the Provisional Government. After the October Revolution 1917, emigrated, but soon returned.

Taught Marxism in various Russian universities.


Religions convince people that the source of their misery lies in the inherent and unchangeable "sinfulness" of humanity rather than in the forms of social organization and institutions.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is able to build a new society where people are no rich or poor.