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Aleksandr Grigor’evich Movshenson

Theatre and arts historian

Aleksandr Movshenson, USSR Theatre and arts historian.


Movshenson, Aleksandr was born on December 19, 1895 in Petersburg.


Taught at the Repin Institute of the USSR Academy of Art, lecturing on theatrical costume. From 1920, published articles on the opera, circus and other related subjects. Made valuable contributions to scenography, theatrical bibliography and scenic iconography.

Contributed comments and publications to Glushkovskii’s Vospominaniia Balletmeistera, 1940, and to Iz Arkhiva Balletmeistera by Val’berkh,1948. Agrippina Iakovlevna Vaganova, 1958. Translated Pis'ma о Tantse i Baletakh by J. Noverre.