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Aleksandr Pinkhosovich Podrabinek

author , Human rights campaigner , Medical worker

Aleksandr Podrabinek, USSR Medical worker, author,human rights campaigner.


Podrabinek, Aleksandr was born in 1953 in the town of Elektrostal’, Moscow Oblast’.


Graduated from a medical school.


Worked in the Emergency Ambulance Service as a doctor’s assistant. In 1977, one of the founders of the Working Commission on the Investigation of Political Abuse of Psychiatry. There followed 10 years of harassment from the Committee for State Security, and several arrests.

His book on the use of detention in psychiatric asylums for dissidents, Karaiel’naia Meditsina (Punitive Medicine), resulted in him being sentenced, on 15 August 1978, to 5 years exile to Siberia. His case was taken up by Amnesty International. In 1987, under Gorbachev, wrote an Open Letter demanding the publication of Solzhenitsyn’s works in the USSR under the new policy of glasnost.

Continues his human rights activities.