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Aleksandr Petrovich Shpak Edit Profile

economist and scientist

Alexandr Shpak is a belarussian economist-agrarian, scientist. Doctor of Economics, professor.He contributed greatly to the development of theoretical and methodological principles of investing together with working-out of mechanisms for regulation of investment processes in agricultural sector, the ways and methods how they can be managed.


Alexandr Petrovich was born in the village Chapaevka of Kyiv region, Ukrain on 16 April,1948.


Alexandr Petrovich Shpak climbed the carrer ladder successfully during his work for the Institute of Agricultural Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. As a result: the preferment from Junior Researcher in the beginning of his career to the Deputy Director for Science.


  • Alexandr Petrovich Shpak worked out the fundamentals of improving the organizational and economic mechanism's concept of agroindustrial complex's functioning in conditions of transition to a market economic system. Also he offered the system of views on a number of such questions as denationalization and privatization, forms of economic transformation, establishment of farming, land relations development, formation of the financing system, taxation and crediting of agricultural organizations, improvement of logistics and agricultural services, cooperation and integration's development.

    Among the most significant practical developments are: proposals of how to improve the mechanism of investment support of the agricultural sector, justification of the priorities in investing and achieving logistical balance of the development of agricultural production.