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Aleksandr Ivanovich TSELIKOV

design engineer

Aleksandr TSELIKOV, USSR Design engineer. Professor; Doctor of Technology Science; Director, Central Design Bureau of Metallurgical MachineBuilding, since 1945; Professor, Moscow Higher Technology School, since 1949. Stalin Prizes, 1947, 1948, 1951; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


TSELIKOV, Aleksandr was born in 1904.


1928 graduated Moscow Higher Technology School.


Specialist in rolling mills. Devised original method of calculating for rolling mills. Designed new high-capacity mechanized rolling equipment, including blooming mills, continuous sheet mills, pipe and wire mills, and mills for rolling super-thin strips of variable and periodic section.

Works deal with design of rolling mills and rolling theory. Since 1925 designer at All-Union Institute for Design and Planning of Steel Foundry and Rolling Mills, “Serp i Molot” (Hammer and Sickle) Plant, Izhevsk Plant, etc. Since 1935 instructor at higher education establishments.