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Aleksandr Dmitrievich Tsiurupa


Aleksandr Tsiurupa, USSR Politician.


Tsiurupa, Aleksandr was born in 1870.


Joined the Social Democratic Party, 1898. From February 1918, Minister for Food Supplies. During the Civil War, in charge of supplies for the Red Army and of the activities of the Prodarmiia (detachments which confiscated food from the peasants).

Deputy Prime Minister of the RSFSR, 1921, and of the USSR, 1922. Member of the Presidium of the VTSIK and TSIK of the USSR, 1922-1928. Chairman of GOSPLAN USSR, 1923-1925.

Minister for Foreign and Internal Trade, 1925-1926. Member of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, 1923.