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Aleksei Petrovich Gushchin


Aleksei Gushchin, USSR Athlete.


Gushchin, Aleksei was born on January 5, 1922 in the village of Aleksandrovka, Voronezh Oblast’.


Honoured Master of Sports (shooting), 1960. Coach at the DOSAAF, Moscow. World champion, 1958,1962.

Olympic champion, 1960. USSR champion, 1961. Gussein-zade Mekhti Hanifa ogly (Hussein-zade)1918-1944. Partisan. Took part in World War II as a private.

Heavily wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans in the Soviet Union, 1942. Escaped from a POW camp in Yugoslavia, 1944. Joined the Yugoslav partisans and directed several of their actions in Yugoslavia and Italy.

Cult figure in Tito’s Yugoslavia, and Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously), 1957.