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Alexander Trofimovich Mikhailov

biologist , researcher

Alexander Trofimovich Mikhailov, Russian biologist, researcher. Diploma in medicine, embryology. Grantee Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 1993-1995, International Science Foundation, 1993-1995, Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, 2001-2004, 04-07, 08-.


Mikhailov, Alexander Trofimovich was born on August 31, 1945 in Moscow. Son of Trofim Vasilevich M. and Taissia Ivanovna Khodorevskaya.


Doctor of Medicine, 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, 1968. Doctor of Philosophy, Institute Human Morphology, Moscow, 1973. Doctor of Science in Biology, Institute Development Biology, Moscow, 1985.


Intern, research student Institute Human Morphology Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics Academy Medical Sciences, Moscow, 1968-1970, pre, postdoctoral Institute Human Morphology, 1970-1975, research officer Koltzov Institute Development Biology, 1975-1980, senior research officer, group leader Koltzov Institute Development Biology, 1980-1987, chief Laboratory Organogenesis Koltzov Institute Development Biology, 1987-1998. Professor embryology, histology and cytology Russian Acd. Sciences, 1992; research director Institute Health Sciences University La Coruña, Spain, since 1995.

Visiting professor department cell and molecular biology University La Coruña, 1992-1993. Grant-aided researcher Ministry of Education and Science, Spain, 1993-1994. Participant medical projects, Finland and Germany.

Deputy chairman Science Council on Developmental Biology Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics/Russian Academy of Sciences, 1986-1998. Member Council Biological Sciences Superior Certifying Commission Council Ministers Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1987-1993, Science Council Embryology, Histology and Cytology Moscow University, 1986-1995. Member organizing committee Soviet-Finnish Symposia on Developmental Biology, Inductive Processes and Cell Interactions, Tallinn, Estonia, 1981, membrane and cell interactions during development, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1984, cell differentiation and gene expression, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1988, signal molecules and cell differentiation, Suzdal, Russia, 1991, Soviet/Russian Symposia on Developmental Biology, Moscow, 1982, 87, 90, Pushchino-on-Oka, 1988, Spanish Symposium, La Coruña, Spain, 1995.

Lecturer, researcher, presenter in field.


  • Diploma in medicine, embryology.


  • Author: (in Russian) Embryonic Inducers, 1988, Immunochemical Methods in Developmental Biology, 1991, (in Spanish) Immunochemical Analysis: Bases and Protocols, 1994, (in Russian) Introduction in Neurogenetics, 2000. Editor: Immunological Aspects of Developmental Biology, 1984, Hemopoetic Stem Cells, 1988. Developmental Biology in Russia, 1997 (in English).

    Editor-in-chief: Soviet/Russian Journal Developmental Biology (Ontogenez), 1988-1995. Member editorial board Russian Journal Developmental Biology (Ontogenez), since 1995. Member advisory board International Journal Developmental Biology, 1994-2002.

    Patent for diagnostic method for early stages of ascarid infection, 1980. Contributor over 100 articles to professional journals.


Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science, Spanish National Agency Evaluation & Prospective, European Society Cardiology (working group development anatomy and pathology since 2006), International Society for Heart Research, Science Advisory Board, Frontiers in Bioscience Society Scientists, Alexander Kowalevsky Award Committee, Russian Academy Natural Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences, Spanish Society Development Biology (founder 1995, board directors since 2001, expert since 2009), Domus Human House (member international committee since 1993), International Cytoskeleton Club, International Society Development Biologists (board directors 1989-1998), St. Petersburg Society Naturalists (honorary. Alexander Kowalevsky award committee since 2001), Medical Surgical Academy of Lugo, Spain (associate).


  • Other Interests

    Jazz, car travel, playing with dogs.


Married Irina Avelinovna Rey-Carro, September 13, 1966. 1 child, Marina Alexandrovna.

Trofim Vasilevich M.

Taissia Ivanovna Khodorevskaya

Irina Avelinovna Rey-Carro

Marina Alexandrovna Mikhailov