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Alexandre John Andrada Villanueva Edit Profile


Alexandre John Andrada Villanueva, American lawyer, specializing in the field of Maritime, Banking, Corporate. Member of Ledesma Saludo & Agpalo.


John Andrada Villanueva, Alexandre was born in 1967.


San Beda College (Bachelor of Laws). De la Salle University (Bachelor of Arts, Philippine Studies). De la Salle University (Bachelor of Arts, Philippine Studies).

Spoken languages: Pilipino and English.


Worked at Ledesma Saludo & Agpalo (Metro Manila) specializing in Corporation and Banking, Insurance, Taxation, Civil, Criminal and Commercial Law, Labor, Immigration, Maritime, Mining, Estate, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Unfair Competition Law. General Practice.

Admitted to the bar, 1994, Philippines. Since its formation in 1963 and continuously until to present, the Firm has not only engaged in the general practice of law but has likewise specialized in the fields of Corporate, Tax, Banking and Patents and Trademark Law among others.

It counts, as its clients, local as well as foreign corporate entities and maintain correspondent relations with a number of lawyers in America, Europe and all of Asia. The law firm is one of the more established firms in the country today based on the compliment of lawyers and number of its clientele and cases being handled.