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Alfonsas Antonovich GAYLYAVICHYUS

Alfonsas GAYLYAVICHYUS, Lithuania Minister of Internal Affairs since 1955. Order of Lenin; Order of Patriotic War, Class I and II; three medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1934.


GAYLYAVICHYUS, Alfonsas was born in 1901 in Bubjai, Lithuania.


graduated Petrograd Technology Institute


Member, Central Committee, Communist Party Lithuania, since 1956. Deputy, Lithuania Supreme Soviet of 1955 convocation. A. USSR, Vilnius, Lit.

Soviet Socialist Republic, Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del. GED VILAS, Mechislovas Aleksandrovich, Government official. Lithuania Minister of Education since 1956.

Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Lithuania, since 1956. 1922-1926 teacher, Lithuania secondary school. 1926 sent to Varnjai concentration camp.

After release from concentration camp worked as journalist. 1940-1941, after occupation of Lithuania by Soviet Army, became Chairman, Lithuania Council of Popular Commissar. 1941-1945 directed partisan movement in Lithuania.

1946-1956 Chm,, Lithuania Council of Ministers. Deputy, Lithuania Supreme Soviet of 1947, 1951 and 1955 convocation. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation.


Member, Communist Party, since 1934.


  • Member, Communist Party, since 1934.