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Alfred de Musset Edit Profile

also known as Louis-Charles-Alfred de Musset-Pathay



At the age of 17, the Cénacle, the literary salon of Charles Nodier at the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal.After attempts at careers in medicine (which he gave up owing to a distaste for dissections), law,[1] drawing, English and piano, he became one of the first Romantic writers.


He was elected to the Académie française in 1852 (after two failures to do so in 1848 and 1850)


  • novel

    • La Confession d'un enfant du siècle (The Confession of a Child of the Century, autobiographical)

    • Histoire d'un merle blanc (The White Blackbird)

  • play

    • André del Sarto

    • Les Caprices de Marianne

    • Fantasio

    • La Quenouille de Barberine

    • Le Chandelier

    • Il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée

    • Bettine

    • L'Âne et le Ruisseau

  • poem

    • Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie

    • Un Spectacle dans un fauteuil

  • poems

    • Les Nuits (Nuits de mai, d'août, d'octobre, de décembre)


Quotations: "Great artists have no country"

"How glorious it is - and also how painful - to be an exception"

"One must not trifle with love"


elder brother:
Paul de Musset - France - writer