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Alfred Nikolaevich OKSNER


Alfred OKSNER, USSR Lichenologist. Professor 1943; Doctor of Biological Science since 1942; co-founder, Institute of Botany, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences; Head,Department of Sporophytes, Institute of Botany, Ukr Academy of Sciences; board and Presidium member, Ukrainia Botanical Society, since 1960.


OKSNER, Alfred was born in 1898 in Yelisavetgrad, now Kirovograd, Ukrainia.


1924 graduated Biological Department, Kiev Institute of Public Education.


Before graduating taught natural science at Kirovograd secondary school and studied the higher plant flora in Kirovograd area. 1923 accepted for postgrad, course, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences. Member, botanical expeditions to Crimea, the Caucasus and AJtay.

1935-1942 Candidate of Biological Science. 1936 developed a lichen classification key. Also instructed at Azerbaydzhan University and a number of Ukrainia higher education institutions.