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Alfred A. Strelsin


Alfred A. Strelsin, industrialist. awarded American Soc.


Strelsin, Alfred A. was born on February 27, 1898 in Antwerp, Belgium. Son of Henry and Leah (Kunin) Strelsin.


Educated extension div. University of Wisconsin.


Journalist, Military Fee Press, later advertising manager pharmaceutical house. Organizer Reliance Advertising Company, Chicago, chairman, to 1976. Organizer merger, operator 6 German porcelain enamel industries, 1921-1924.

Arranged hog’s hair concession, Russia, 1922. Purchased defunct businesses from banks, reorganized and resold, 1932-1933. Reorganizer General Science Corporation, Chicago, mfs. optical lenses, became president, Chairman of the Board (sold 1970).

Organizer Park Construction Company, builder section 6th Avenue Subway, New York City, 1936, later merged with Stiefel Construction County, New York, Chairman of the Board (builder Fischer Hill Mines, awarded American Society of Civil Engineers construction engineering prize, 1944, also Union Village Dam, participating with foreign firms construction irrigation systems and hydro-electric projects Europe and Asia. With partners obtained controlling interest Central Science Company, Chicago, chairman Cenco, holding company owning this and other equities. Helped establish laboratory, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for development new medical products by Albert Szent Gyorgyi (Nobel prize winner) and 16 associate scientists brought from behind Iron Curtain.

Organized with others Electronized Chemicals Corporation, for development high-voltage intensity, president (sold). Organizer with others Atlas Aircraft Products Company, became Induction Motors, manufacturers small motors, blower motors, dinamotors and generators. Organizer Cinerama Production Corporation Head Preclusive Operations, charged with stymieing enemy procurement from neutrals and non-belligerents, World World War II, covered Israeli-Arab War in Near East for International News Service, 1948.

Address: New York, New York.


Married Dorothy Dennis, May 29, 1947.

Henry Strelsin

Leah (Kunin) Strelsin

Dorothy Dennis