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DirectorGeneral of Public Statistics Department

Ali AL-RASHEED, DirectorGeneral of Public Statistics Department.


AL-RASHEED, Ali was born in 1929 in Wadi A1 Dawasir, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Statistics).


Agricultural unit Director, Director of Agricultural Statistics. Director of Agricultural Statistics and Economy. Member of Board of Social Insurance Organization.

Member of Central Committee for the First Population Census. Chairman of Executive Committee of Population Census. Saudi Arabian delegate to the Permanent Technical Committee of Arab League.

Member of International Statistical Institute, Association of Statisticians (United States.A.). Attended Agricultural Conference 1963, FAO Conferences, Rome 1963, Conferences on Agricultural Statistics, Amman, Baghdad, Cairo, Beirut, several seminars on statistics, Beirut Kuwait. DirectorGeneral of Public Statistics Department.


  • Studies dealing with the status and problems of desert areas and ways and means of presenting them statistically.


Living Allah's way is the most important struggle. Allah sets high standards, and believers have to fight with their own selfish desires to live up to them.


  • Other Interests

    Farming, travel, computers.