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Ali Abdul-Kader HAFIZ

journalist , founder of Al-Madina daily newspaper

Ali Abdul-Kader HAFIZ, journalist; founder of Al-Madina daily newspaper. Gold Medal of first conference of Saudi Men of Letters.


HAFIZ, Ali Abdul-Kader was born in 1916 in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Teaching Diploma, Prophet Mosque, Medina.


Senior Clerk, Mahkama ShaPiyah (Civil Muslim Court). Branch Manager, Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Medina. Editor-in-Chief, Al-Madina daily.

Mayor, Medina; founded: Al Madina 1937 and Al Madina Printing and Publication Company, Jeddah 1965. Member of Board, Medina Electricity Company. Member of the Municipal Council, Medina.

Attended the first Conference of Saudi Writers, and the International Journalists’ Conference, Tokyo 1977. Founded As-Sahra' School, Medina 1945 and supported Islamic Schools, Kenya. Journalist; founder of Al-Madina daily newspaper.


  • Episodes of Medina History (Arabic). Paper on Human Rights in Islam (Arabic, translated into English).


Intellect and knowledge should be promoted. Everything that weakens it, such as drugs and alcohol, should be forbidden. People should stay away from them, because non-corrupted intellect is the basis of the moral responsibility in every society.


  • Other Interests

    Serving Islam and Muslims, and helping needy people.