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Ali Abdullah AL-DAFFA’


Ali Abdullah AL-DAFFA’, Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Petroleum and Minerals.


AL-DAFFA’, Ali Abdullah was born in 1942 in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (Pure Mathematics).


Assistant Lecturer, Vanderbilt University 1971-1972. Assistant Professor, University of Petroleum and Minerals 1973-1974. Head, Department of Mathematics, UPM 1974-1977.

Acting Dean, Faculty of Science, UPM 1975-1977. Dean since 1977; Proof-reader, Mathematics History Magazine (Canada). Member of American Mathematics Society, British Society for History of Science and Islamic Scientists’ and Engineers’ Association.

Honorary member of Iranian Association for Science and Mathematics. Member of Arab Mathematicians and Physicists Association. Member of Contemporary Mathematics Community, Ministry of Education.

Member of Foreign Degrees Assessment Committee, Ministry of Higher Education and of joint SaudiEgyptian Cultural Commission. Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Petroleum and Minerals.


  • Several articles, studies and papers, in addition to Muslim Scholars Contribution to Mathematics (in English).


The Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace) was the final messenger and his Law represents the ultimate manifestation of the divine mercy.