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Ali Abed Ali El-Zein, Lebanese physicist. Doctor of Philosophy Scholarship, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), 1997—2001.


El-Zein, Ali Abed Ali was born on March 29, 1965 in Iyat, Baalbek, Lebanon. Son of Abed Ali Ali El-Zein and Majdieh Zein Ibrahim.


Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, University College London, 1997—2001.


Gold mine manager, engineer and supervisor Association Minier du Kivu (AMIKI), Kampene, Republic of the Congo, 1989—1991. Postdoctoral research associate department chemistry University of Cambridge, England, since 2002. Architect plans executive OGER-Liban, Saida, Lebanon, 1984—1989.


  • Achievements include invention of new brake system. Research in experimental research using High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of water molecule that agree for the first time with theoretical studies. Research in Applying for the first time 2D analytical technique to fit the data of fragmented water molecules in high intensity femtosecond laser pulse and deduce the molecular geometrical modifications.

    Design of A new idea and design of an electron energy loss spectrometer that enables us to detect scattered electrons in the backward direction. Current experimental designs are inaccesible in backward regions. Research in A modification to the time of flight mass spectrometer that can be used as an electrostatic microscope to magnify the interaction region of the focused laser spot.


  • Other Interests

    Poetry, philosophy, documentary and science fiction movies, swimming, horseback riding.


Abed Ali Ali El-Zein

Majdieh Zein Ibrahim