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Alla Konstantinovna Tarasova

artist , actress

Alla TARASOVA, Actress; at Moscow Arts Theater, since 1916; Popular Artist of USSR since 1937. Order of Lenin; two other orders; medals; five Stalin Prizes, 1941, 1946 (twice); 1947, 1949. Member, Communist Party, since 1954.


TARASOVA, Alla was born in 1898 in Kiev.


Since 1914 studied, Moscow Arts Theater School.


Dramatic actress. Emigrated in 1922. Appeared in the German film Raskolnikov, 1923. Returned to the USSR and became a leading actress at the MKHAT Theatre.

Married her equally famous partner, Ivan Moskvin. Made many films. Played Anna Karenina in a 1953 version of Tolstoy’s masterpiece.

1922-1924 toured Europe with Moscow Arts Theater company. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation. Member, Committee Lenin Prizes for Literature and Art, USSR Council of Ministry, since 1960.

1958 toured Japan with Moscow Arts Theater company. Has played: Anya, Irina and Sonya in respectively Chekhov's “Vishnevy sad” (The Cherry Orchard). “Tri sestry” (The Three Sisters) and ‘‘Dyadya Vanya” (Uncle Vanya.

Nastya in Gorky's ‘‘Na dne” (The Lower Depths). Grushenka in adaptation of Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov”. Ustinya in K. A. Trenev’s “Pugachevshchina” (The Pugachev Rebellion) (1925).

Parasha in Ostrovsky’s “Goryachee serdtse” (Passionate Heart) (1926). Negina in Ostrovsky’s “Talanty i poklonniki” (Talents and Admirers) (1933). Masha in V. V. Ivanov’s “Bronepoezd 14-69” (Armored Train 14-69) (1927).

Makarova in A. N. Afinogenov’s “Strakh” (Fear) (1931). Title role in adaptation of L. Tolstoy's “Anna Karenina” (1937). Tatyana in Gorky's “Vragi” (The Enemies) (1935).

Tugina in Ostrovsky’s “Poslednyaya zhertva” (The Last Sacrifice) (1944). Liza in Chirskov’s “Pobediteli” (The Victors). Title role in Schiller’s “Maria Stuart”.

Has played in films: “Bez viny vinovatye” (Guilty Without Guilt). “Petr I” (Peter I); “Groza” (The Storm), etc.


Member, Communist Party, since 1954.


Member, Communist Party, since 1954.