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Allan Barringer Hendricks

electrical engineer

Allan Barringer Hendricks, American electrical engineer.


Hendricks, Allan Barringer was born on January 28, 1874 in Red Hook, New York, United States. Son of Allan Barringer and Anna (Rodgers) Hendricks.


Student Lawrence Scientific School (Harvard), 1897-1900.


August 12, 1947); children—George Bartlett, Dorothea Brooks, Sylvia Acken. With Stanley Electric Manufacturing Company, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1900. When this company was absorbed by the General Electric Company, continued as employee in the same plant, until retirement, 1944.

Organized Testing Laboratory, then became assistant engineer Power Transformer Department Specialized in invention and design of apparatus for high voltage and current, both alternating and continuous. First to produce 1,000,000 volts above ground, 1,000,000 volts three phase, 2,100,000 volts single phase, and 1,200,000 volts three phase, at commercial frequency. 20 patents granted. Designed high potential equipment for million volt three phase arc exhibit at New York World’s Fair, 1939.

Now independent designing engineer Home: 115 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield Master of Arts‡.


Married Sallie Fox Acken, February 8, 1908 (deceased. Children: George Bartlett, Dorothea Brooks, Sylvia Acken.

Allan Barringer Hendricks

Anna (Rodgers) Hendricks

Sallie Fox Acken

George Bartlett Hendricks

Dorothea Brooks Hendricks

Sylvia Acken Hendricks