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Allen Gardzelewski, American lawyer, specializing in the field of Criminal Defense Law, Personal Injury Law, Commercial Litigation. Member of Corthell and King, P.C.


GARDZELEWSKI, ALLEN was born on December 27, 1947 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States.


University of Wyoming (Bachelor of Arts, 1972. Juris Doctor, 1983).


Worked at Corthell and King, P.C. (Laramie, Wyoming) specializing in General Trial and Appellate Practice. Banking, Commercial, Corporate, Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas, Water Rights, Real Estate, Trust, Estate Planning, Probate, Administrative Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Health Law, Insurance, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Municipal Law. Admitted to the bar, 1983, Wyoming.

President, Goshen County Bar Association, 1988-1989. Member: Albany County Bar Association. Wyoming State Bar; The Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

On August 21, 1887, when Wyoming was still a territory, Nellis E. Corthell, a native of New York, opened an office for the practice of law in the building in which Corthell and King, is still located. The firm has participated in the history and development of the State of Wyoming, including representing the State in landmark water litigation involving the Colorado River and assisting in the matter in which Tom Horn was charged with murder. Over the years, members of the firm have served as state bar presidents, state legislators, and local justices of the peace.

Currently members are professors and adjunct professors at the University of Wyoming College of Law and leaders of community organizations.


Goshen County (Treasurer, 1987-1988. President, 1988-1989), Albany County and American Bar Associations. Wyoming State Bar. Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation.