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Turkmenistan poet and literature critic

Aman KEKILOV, Turkmenistan poet and literature critic. Corresponding member, Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences, since 1959; member, USSR Union of Writers, since 1934; member, Central Auditing Commission, USSR Union of Writers, since 1960; Presidium Chairman, Turkmenistan Committee the Solidarity of Afro-Asian Countries, since 1961; Head of a section, Institute of Literature, Turkmenistan Academy of Sciences.


KEKILOV, Aman was born in 1912.


Graduated Ashkabad Pcdag. Technicum; for some time studied at Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Lit.


Since 1939 engaged in research on hist, of Turkmenistan literature, Turkmenistan philology and lexicology. Member, Editor Board, journal “Izvestiya Academy of Sciences Turkmcnskoy Soviet Socialist Republic” (News of the Turkmen Academy of Sciences).