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Anatolii Leonidovich Adamashin


Anatolii Adamashin, USSR Diplomat.


Adamashin, Anatolii was born on October 11, 1934 in Kiev.


Graduated from Moscow University, 1957.


Worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID), 1957-1959. Attache, 3rd then 2nd secretary at USSR Embassy in Italy, 1959-1965. 2nd, then 1st secretary, councillor and consultant in the 1st European Dept, of the MID, 1965-1971.

Senior councillor. Head of the Administration for Planning of Foreign Policy Measures in the MID, 1973-1978. Head of the 1st European Department, 1978-1986. Deputy Foreign Minister of the USSR from May 1986.


As long as the public believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.