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Anatolii Grigor’evich Novikov

composer , conductor

Anatolii Novikov, USSR Composer, conductor.


Novikov, Anatolii was born on October 30, 1896 in Skopin, in the Riazan’ Gouvernement.


Pupil of V. Paskhalov and A. Krein. Pupil of R. Glier.


Early musical training at the Riazan’ Teachers’ Seminary, 1912-1916, and at the Moscow People’s Conservatory, 1916-1917. Began his career as a composer in Skopin, 1918-1921. Continued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory, 1921-1927.

Composer, choir master, and instructor at the Tsentralnyi Dom Krasnoi Armii, 1928-1938, and at the club of the Frunze Military Academy, the RKKA, the Moscow Artillery Course, and the Political Administration of Moscow Military District. Artistic director of the Song and Dance Ensemble, 1939-1943. Artistic director of the AllUnion Radio Song Ensemble, 1948-1951.

Edited a 3-volume collection of Russian folk songs, 1936-1938.