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Anatoliy Vasilevich ALBENSKY

Selectionist and dendrologist

Anatoliy ALBENSKY, USSR Selectionist and dendrologist. Doctor of Agriculture Science since 1949; corresponding member, All-Union Academy, of Agriculture Science; Head, Selection Department, AllUnion Research Institute of Soil and Forest Improvement, since 1932; member, Communist Party.


ALBENSKY, Anatoliy was born in 1899 in village Grigorovo, now Yaroslavl Oblast.


1930 graduated Natural Science Department, Pedagogical Faculty, Perm University. 1931 post graduated student, All-Union Institute of Phytoculture.


Author of more than 50 science works dealing with hybridization of larch, elm, maple and ash. Specialist in the acclimatization of trees and shrubs and the improvement of trees by selecting the best geographical and ecological forms of aboriginals. 1931-1932 Head,Department of Arboriculture, All-Union Institute of Phytoculture.