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Anatoliy Filippovich MILLER


Anatoliy MILLER, USSR Orientalist. Doctor of History Science; Professor; Head, Section for the Preparation of “Vsemirnaya istoriya” (A World History), published by the Institute of History, USSR Academy of Science; member, Main Editorial Board, above publications, since 1954.


MILLER, Anatoliy was born in 1901.


For a long time instructor, Narimanov Institute of Orientology, then Professor, Moscow Institute of History, Philosophy and Lit., Moscow University, and other higher education establishments. Since 1954 member, Editor Board, journal “Sovetskoe vostokovedenie” (Soviet Oriental Studies), then renamed “Problemy vostokovedeniya” (Problems of Oriental Studies), and now, since 1961, “Narody Azii i Afriki” (The Afro-Asian Peoples). Member, Editorial Board, “Diplomatichesky slovar” (A Diplomatic Dictionary) and “Dokumenty vncshney politiki USSR” (Documents on USSR Foreign Policy).

Specialist in modem and recent hist, of Near Eastern countries, especially Turkey. Also works on intemat. relations.