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Andrei VasiFevich Lopukhov

ballet dancer

Andrei Lopukhov, USSR Ballet dancer.


Lopukhov, Andrei was born on August 20, 1898 in Petersburg. Brother of Fedor Lopukhov.


Graduated from the Petrograd Theatre School, 1916.


Until 1945, a leading dancer at the Kirov Theatre. From 1927, combined dancing with teaching at the Leningrad Choreographic School. One of the first tutors of folk dance methodics.

One of the authors of Osnovy Kharakternogo Tantsa, 1939. Left an unpublished memoir, Dvadtsat Let Kharakternogo Tantsovshchika (the manuscript is kept at the VTO (All-Union Theatre Society), Leningrad branch). Among his many pupils was Iurii Grigorovich.