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Andriy E. Yaroshchuk Edit Profile

chemist , researcher

Andriy E. Yaroshchuk, Ukrainian chemist, researcher. Recipient Young Scientist award, D.I.Mendeleev Chemical Society Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, 1989; Lisa-Meitner fellowshop, FWF, Austria, 1998, Mercator scholar, German Research Society, 2003.


Yaroshchuk, Andriy E. was born on March 7, 1959 in Kiev, Ukraine. Son of Eduard A. and Marina A. Yaroshchuk.


Diploma in Physics, Kiev State University, Ukraine, 1981. Degree in Chemistry, Institute Colloid and Water Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine, 1983. Doctor of Science in Physics and Mahematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1992.


Junior researcher A.V.Dumanskiy Institute Colloid and Water Chemistry, Kiev, 1983—1985, researcher, 1985—1987, senior researcher, 1987—1991, F.D.Ovcharenko Institute Bio-Colloid Chemistry, Kiev, 1991—1993, leading researcher, 1993—2006. Research professor Polytechnic University Catalonia, Barcelona, since 2007. Guest scientist Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria, 1998—2002.

Associate research director Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France Ecole Nationale Supérieur Chimie Physique Electronique, Villeurbanne, France, 2002—2003. Guest professor University Duisburg, Essen, Germany, 2003—2004. Scientist Paul-Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland, 2004—2006.


Married Olga V. Zhukova, February 21, 1997.; children: Polina A., Dmytro A.

Eduard A.

Marina A. Yaroshchuk

Olga V. Zhukova

Dmytro A. Yaroshchuk

Polina A. Yaroshchuk