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Anne Catherine GROL

Member of the First Chamber

Anne Catherine GROL, Dutch Member of the First Chamber. Board Member, Dutch Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, (Inter-Parliamentary Union).


GROL, Anne Catherine was born on March 20, 1931 in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Daughter of Antonius Overling and Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt).


Roman Catholic University of Nymegen, Educational Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, 1952, Master of Arts, 1954. State Examination M.O., English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Arts, 1979. Spoken languages: Dutch, English, German, English, French, Swahili.


Member, Hengelo Town Council, 1970-1976. Member, Provincial States Overyssel, 1978-1982. Member, Eersle Kamer (Senate), since 1982.

Chairwoman, Standing Committee, Antillean and Aruban Affairs. Vice-Chairwoman, Standing Committee on Education. Professional career: teacher of child psychology, secondary and adult education, 1954-1963.

Lecturer, teacher training college, Butimba Mwanza, Tanzania, 1963-1965. Research fellow, Netherlands University Fellowship of International Co-operation, Tanzania, 1965-1968. School of Social Work, Hengelo, 1969-1984.

Lecturer. Conservatory of Music, Enschede, since 1984.


Roman Catholic.


Board Member, Dutch Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, (Inter-Parliamentary Union).


  • Other Interests

    Recreations: reading, traveling. Education, Antilles Isles and Aruba, external affairs, third world development.


[{"type":"father","name":"Antonius Overling"},{"type":"mother","name":"Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt)"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Wenceslaus Grol"}]

Antonius Overling

Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt)

Wenceslaus Grol