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Annemarie RENGER


Annemarie RENGER, German Vice President of the Bundestag. honorary vicepresident, European Union Germany; honorary member of presiding board, German Council of the European Movement; honorary president. Central Committee of Democratic Resistance Fighters and Organisations of Persecuted Persons.


RENGER, Annemarie was born on October 7, 1919 in Leipzig. Daughter of Fritz Wildung and Martha (nee Scholz) Wildung.


Secondary school for girls.


Chairman, Kurt Schumacher Society. Chairman, German Helsinki Human Rights Committee. Private secretary of Doctor Kurt Schumacher, 1945-1952.

Head of office. Executive Committee, SPD Berlin, 1946. Member of advisory council, Council of Europe and Western European Union, 1959-1966. Parly, secretary, SPD parly, group, 1969-1972.

Member of Executive Committee, SPD parly, group. Pres, of Bundestag, 1972-1976. Member of presiding and Executive Committee, SPD, until 1973.

Chairman, federal women’s Committee, SPD, until 1973. Vice-President of Bundestag, since 1976. Chairman, German-Israeli group of parliamentarians, since 1976.

Federal Member of Parliament, party list of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Member of control commission, SPD, 1979-1986. Professional career: publishing apprenticeship.

Publishing salesperson. Member of Gewerkschaft Handel, Banken und Versicherungen (HBV, Trade Union for Commerce, Banks and Insurance).


Bundestag since 1953. SPD since 1945; Presidium 1961-1973. For ten years of advisory assembly of European Council and Assembly of West European Union.


Married 1st Emil Renger in 1938 (killed in 2nd World War), one son. Married 2nd Aleksandar Renger-Lonfarevic in 1965 (died in 1973).

Fritz Wildung

Martha (nee Scholz) Wildung

Emil Renger

Aleksandar Renger-Lonfarevic