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Anthony Panther West Edit Profile

literary critic , author

Anthony Panther West, British writer. Houghton Mifflin fellow, 1947. Member Century Club.


He was the son of British authors Rebecca West and H. G. Wells. Anthony West's best-known book is H. G. Wells: Aspects of a Life, a biography of his father. In it, his mother appeared much worse than his father, whom he admired all his life.


This work was a thinly disguised autobiography (a roman à clef ). She fell out with him over it, famously threatening to sue if the book was published in Britain. It was not published in Britain until 1984, after she had died.

A critically lauded author, he wrote novels, essays, and nonfiction works, and reviewed books for The New Yorker from the 1950s until the late 1970s. He is also known for works on history such as Elizabethan England, and All About the Crusades.


  • He won the Houghton Mifflin Award for his novel The Vintage (1949) (published in Britain as On a Dark Night), which Boucher and McComas praised as "a brilliantly terrifying exploration of the theme that each age creates its own peculiar species of hell and Devil".



Member Century Club.


Married Lily Dulany Emmet, December 20, 1952. Children by previous marriage: Caroline, Edmund.

Herbert George Wells West

Lily Dulany Emmet