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Appolinaria Prokof’evna Suslova


Appolinaria Suslova, USSR Author.


Suslova, Appolinaria was born in 1840.


Insignificant writer, important in Russian literature by virtue of her personal connections with 2 literary giants, F. Dostoevskii and V. Rozanov. In the 1860s, as a young girl, represented the new type of emancipated woman. Became the lover of Dostoevskii, and a prototype of his infernal heroines.

Much later, in the 1890s, married the young student V. Rozanov, who was at that time under Dostoevskii’s spell. After the full disaster of this marriage became apparent, refused a divorce out of spite, forcing Rozanov into illegal family life with his new wife, and concentrating his mind on 2 subjects - sex and the cruelty of church laws on family life. Her description of her years with Dostoevskii was published posthumously, Gody Blizosti sDostoevskim, 1928.