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Archibald Vincent Arnold was a major general of the United States Army during World War II.


Arnold, Archibald Vincent was born on February 24, 1889 in Collinsville, Connecticut, United States. Son of Theobald and Josephine Arnold.


Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, 1912. Graduate Field Artillery School, Advanced Course, 1928. Command and General staff schedul, 1930, Army War College, 1935.


Arnold was the second in command of the 7th Infantry Division during the Battle of the Aleutian Islands. Arnold continued serving as second-in-command of the 7th until 1944.

Arnold was the Commanding Officer of the 7th during the Philippines Campaign and the Battle of Okinawa. He received the Army Distinguished Service Medal for his World War II service.

After the war he was made the military governor of Korea. He served as principal American delegate to the US-USSR Joint Committee that convened in Seoul, Korea, in January 1946, and then to the U.S.-USSR Joint Commission that followed in April 1946. The primary task of the Joint Commission was to reunite North and South Korea after it was divided by the State War Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC) in 1945. He retired from the Army in 1948.


Married Margaret Treat, April. Children: Margaret Cornell, Archibald Vincent, Joan Whitney, Charles Treat.

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