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Arkadii Nikolaevich Shevchenko


Arkadii Shevchenko, USSR Diplomat.


Shevchenko, Arkadii was born in 1930 in the Ukraine. Son of a doctor.


A former political adviser to the Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, and his protege. United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, when he defected to the United States in 1978. Caused a sensation by announcing that he had been work-, ing secretly for the CIA for 2 years.

His Russian wife returned to Moscow and was found dead a month later in their Moscow flat. According to the Soviet Government, it was suicide. Wrote political memoirs, Breaking With Moscow.

Gave a rare insight into the workings of Kremlin policymaking. Now lives in the United States with his new American wife, the editor Elaine Jackson.


Religion in its origin doesn't give equal treatment to women and thus offends basic human rights.


Communist Party is the leading force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of all state and public organizations.