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Arnold Andersen HEGGESTAD Edit Profile


Arnold Andersen HEGGESTAD, economist in the field of Domestic Monetary and Financial Theory and Institutions; Industrial Organisation and Public Policy; Business Finance and Investment.


HEGGESTAD, Arnold Andersen was born in 1943 in Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America.


Bachelor of Arts University Maryland, 1965. Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy Michigan State University, 1970, 1973.


Economics, United States Federal Trade Commission, 1965-1967. Economics Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, 1970-1974. Assistant Professor of Economics, University Florida, 1974-1976.

Senior Analyst, Abt Association, Washington, District of Columbia, 1976-1977. Visiting Professor, University Uppsala, Sweden, 1979. Director, Finance Institute, and Monetary Policy Center, University Florida, since 1979.

Visiting, Federal Reserve Bank Atlanta, 1980-1981. Senior Economics, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, 1983. William H. Dial Professor Banking, College Business Administration, University Florida, Gainesville, Florida, United States of America, since 1977.

Advisory Board, Bank Acquisition Report.


My work has concentrated on the analysis of microeconomic issues in financial intermediation with particular emphasis on the United States commercial banking industry. My early work focussed on the impact of market structure on performance of commercial banking markets. My particular interest was in the impact of monopoly power on interest rates, profitability, and on managerial objectives.

In recent years, the greatest emphasis has been on the effect of deregulation on the financial services industry. Deregulation has important consequences for competition and antitrust policy. I have also studied the implications of deregulation for strategic planning and financial management.