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Arthur Sherburne Hardy


engineer, educator, editor, diplomat, novelist, and poet


Hardy was born in 1847 in Andover, Massachusetts, the son of Alpheus and Susan W. (Holmes) Hardy.


He received his elementary school education abroad and thus gained an exposure to languages.Appointed from Massachusetts, and graduated from the United States Military Academy, 1869. Honorary Master of Arts, Iowa College, 1872, Dartmouth, 1873. Doctor of Philosophy., Amherst, 1873.

He attended Phillips Academy and completed one year at Amherst College before becoming a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1865, where he excelled in languages. He graduated tenth in the class of 1869 and was commissioned a second lieutenant of artillery.


Second Lieutenant 3d Artillery, June 15, 1869-November 12, 1870. Professor civil engineering, Iowa College, 1871-1873. Studied abroad École des Ponts et Chaussees, 1873-1874.

Professor civil engineering, 1874-1878, mathematics, 1878-1893, Dartmouth College. Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine, 1893-1895. United States minister resident and consul ten.

Teheran, Persia, 1897-1899. Envoy Extraordinary anu Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States to Greece, Roumania and Servia, 1899-1901, to Switzerland, 1901-1903, to Spain, 1903-1905. Author: But Yet a Woman, 1883.

Wind of Destiny, 1886. Passe Rose, 1889; Life and Letters of Joseph H. Neesima. His Daughter First, 1903.

Helen, 1916; Northern 13, Rue du Bon Diable, 1917. Things Remembered, 1923. (with Dorothy H. Richardson) A May and November Correspondence, 1928.




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Alpheus Hardy

Susan W. (Holmes) Hardy

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