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Atkay Akimovich ADZHAMATOV

playwright , translator , writer , poet

Atkay ADZHAMATOV, USSR Dagestan (Kumyk) poet, prose writer, playwright and translator. Badge of Honor, 1960.


ADZHAMATOV, Atkay was born in 1910 in village Endrcy, Dagestan.


Graduated Dagestan Pedagogical Tcchnicum and Higher Lit.


Worked for newspaper “Yeldash” (Comrade). Collects Kumyk folklore. Has translated into Kumyk: Pushkin’s verse.

Gogol's “Taras Bulba”. Gorky's “Na dne” (The Lower Depths). Ostrovsky’s “Bespridannitsa” (Girl Without a Dowry), etc.

PubL: 1927 first work published. Author of 15 collections, including- “From the Crowded Mountains to the Open Plains” (1931). “My Star”; “Sotau and Rashiya”.

Novelettes: “In the Kumyk Steppe”. “The Family of a Hero”. “I Am Proud”; plays: “The Steel Trap”.

“Ansar”; “The Brides”. Poems “Karta Kavkaza v kabinete Lenina” (The Map of the Caucasus in Lenin’s Study) and “Starik i pisatel” (The Old Man and the Writer), in Kumyk and Russian. Verse “At Yasnaya Polyana”, “Love” and “Antlers”, etc.

(1960); “Roundelay”; folklore collection “With All One’s Heart” (1940).