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Bagaudin Khuseynovich ZYAZIKOV

teacher , translator , Ingush poet and writer

Bagaudin ZYAZIKOV, Ingush poet and writer; translator; teacher.


ZYAZIKOV, Bagaudin was born in 1908 in village Barsuki, Checheno-Ingushetia.


1930 graduated Ingush Pedagogical Technicum.


1930-1932 teacher; 1932-1941 publications and Party work. During World War II did military service and worked for army newspaper “Syn rodiny”. After World War II demobilized and went to Central Asia where all ChechenIngush and Karachay-Balkars were deported in 1943 and 1944.

1957 returned to Northern Caucasus. 1959 delegation at 3rd Congress of USSR Writers. Translated into Ingush Lermontov’s ‘‘Geroy nashego vremeni” (A Hero of our Time) (1959).