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Baudouin I Edit Profile

also known as Baudouin Albert Charles Leopold Axel Marie Gustave

King of Belgium

Baudouin I, King of Belgium.


I, Baudouin was born on September 7, 1930 in Brussels.


During invasion of Belgium by Germany, 1940, went to France, later to Spain, returning to Belgium, 1940. Was removed to Germany, 1944, liberated after Allied invasion of Normandy, May 1945. Lived in Switzerland until Leopold returned to Belgium as king, 1950.

Prince Royal, August 1950. Held office as Chief of State until accession to throne. Became king upon abdication of King Leopold, July 1951.


Son of King Leopold III and Queen Astrid, Princess of Sweden. Married Dona Fabiola Mora y Aragon, December 15, 1960.

King Leopold III

Queen Astrid

Dona Fabiola Mora y Aragon