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government agency official

Bennetta Bullock Washington, American government agency official. Developed special program Boys' Junior-Senior High School, Washington, 1956; Interdisciplinary Cardoza Project, 1961.


Washington, Bennetta Bullock was born on May 1, 1918 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States. Daughter of George Oliver and Rebecca (Burgess) Bullock.


AB, Howard University, 1937. Master of Arts, Howard University, 1939. Doctor of Philosophy, Catholic University America, 1951.

Doctor of Laws, Wilson College, 1969. Doctor of Laws, Smith College, 1970. Doctor of Laws, Rider College, 1974.

Doctor of Laws, Trinity College, Washington, 1974. Doctor of Humane Letters, Dunbarton College, 1970. Doctor of Humane Letters, Mount Vernon College, 1977.


Teacher, counselor, principal public schools, Washington and Baltimore, 1939-1964;initiator, director, Women's Center, Job Corps, Office of Economic Opportunity, 1964-1970;associate director women's programs and education, Job Corps, unites states department Labor, Washington, 1970-1973;special assistant to assistant secretary for employment and training, Job Corps, unites states department Labor, Washington, 1974-1980;advisor and consultant, Job Corps, unites states department Labor, Washington, from 1980. Visiting professor counseling and guidance New York University, 1952-1963. Director Cardozo Projectin Urban Education President's Commission Juvenile Delinquency, 1960-1964, member of commission, 1962-1964.

Member Mayor New York City panel for decentralization of schools, 1966-1967. Director New York University Institute Teachers and Counselors, Virgin Islands, 1967. Selected to attend Brookings Institute Conference Federal Executives, 1967.

Professor Washington School Psychiatry, 1968. Member White House Conference on Food Nutrition and Hunger, 1969, White House Conference on Children, 1970, White House Conference on Youth, 1971, President's Commission Employment of Handicapped, from 1969. Martin Luther King scholar in residence Rutgers University, 1969.

Member steering committee National Reading Council, from 1970. Member of national committee Radcliffe College;government representative on diplomatic missions to, Japan, Russia, France, England, 1969, Africa, 1971, Mexico, 1973, Jamaica, 1974. Consultant and lecturer on education and inter-group relations. advisory council midwifery program Georgetown University School Nursing, from 1976.


  • Developed special program Boys' Junior-Senior High School, Washington, 1956. Interdisciplinary Cardoza Project, 1961.


Board directors International Student House. Board directors Sex Information and Education Council United States, National Symphony Board, Washington Opera Society, Mount Vernon College, Church Youth Research, Population Reference Bureau, from 1983. Trustee Henry M. Strong Foundation, Trinity College, District of Columbia, American Field Service, 1969-1970, Meridian House International, 1967-1981, American University, from 1970.

Founder, executive Women in Government, 1974. Active Prevention of Blindness Society, Florence Crittendon Home, United Fellowship of Churches. Member Consortium of Universities, Women's National Democratic Club (board governors 1982), Alpha Kappa Alpha.


Married Walter Edward Washington, December 26, 1941. 1 daughter, Bennetta Bullock Washington Jules-Rosette.

George Oliver Bullock

Rebecca (Burgess) Bullock

Walter Edward Washington