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Boris Vladimirovich Annenkov

Cossack General

Boris Annenkov, USSR Cossack general.


Annenkov, Boris was born on February 9, 1889.


Educated at the Aleksandrovskoe Military School, 1908.


Active service during World War I. Head of partisan detachments of the Siberian Cossack army at the front, 1915. After the October Revolution 1917 returned with his detachments to Siberia, and refused to acknowledge the Soviet authorities at Omsk. Organized a Cossack partisan division (White), 1918.

Fought against Red forces in West Siberia, Kazakhstan, later in Semirech’e. Appointed head of the Semirechenskaia Army by Admiral Kolchak, 1919. After the defeat of Kolchak fled to China, 1920.

Kidnapped by Soviet agents there in 1926 and brought back by train to Moscow. Condemned to death and shot in Semipalatinsk.