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Boris Borisovich Veselovskii

historian , statistician

Boris Veselovskii, USSR Historian, statistician.


Veselovskii, Boris was born on July 4, 1880 in the village of Bobylevka, near Saratov.


Historian of the prerevolutionary local rural government system (the zemstvo). His 4-volume Istoriia Zemstva za 40 Let was published in 1909-1911. After the October Revolution 1917, worked in the Tsentroarkhiv, GOSPLAN. Professor of Moscow University in the 1920-1940s.


Religion is bad because it imposes irrational rules of good and bad behaviour.


Every person has rights to express his or her opinion, but the opinion could be expressed if it was in accordance with the general interests of Soviet society.