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Boris Andreevich Wilkitskii

explorer , Hydrographer

Boris Wilkitskii, USSR Hydrographer, explorer.


Wilkitskii, Boris was born on April 3, 1885 in Pulkovo, near Petersburg. Son of the founder of the Russian Hydrographic Administration and polar explorer.


Graduated from the Naval Academy in Petersburg, 1908.


Took part in the Russo-Japanese war, 1904-1905. Head of an expedition to the Northern Siberian coast, 1913-1915. Discovered Severnaia Zemlia, Wilkitskii Island, Malyi Taimyr, and Starokadomskii Island.

The strait between the Taimyr peninsula and Severnaia Zemlia was named after him. During the Civil War, with the Whites in Arkhangelsk. Emigrated to Britain, 1920.

Later worked for many years as a hydrographer in the Belgian Congo.