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physics professor

Dr B S Bhandari has had an academic career spanning about three decades. He has taught undergraduate- and graduate level courses in physics at several institutions around the globe and conducted research on the fission barrier characteristics of the heavy- and super-heavy nuclei. Published several research papers in good peer-reviewed journals. Also mentored and supervised the dissertations/theses of several graduate- and undergraduate students.


After completing the school and college education in India, Brahm Swaroop Bhandari went to the United States to pursue his doctoral studies in physics at Ohio University. His doctoral thesis in 1974 was on the sub-barrier photofission of 238U. Since then he has extensively studied the multi-humped fission barrier characteristics of the actinide- and transactinide nuclei. He has developed analytical tools and models to understand subbarrier fission phenomena. He has led several graduate students and colleagues in these investigations at several institutions around the globe. His research work can be accessed through a google search on "B.S.Bhandari",nuclear or "B.S.Bhandari",fission.


pleasant and simple.


Married to Nirmala Bhandari, and have a daughter Leena who is married to Sunil Singhvi. Leena and Sunil have two children : Aditi and Aditya.

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