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Bruno ORSINI, Italian Senator.


ORSINI, Bruno was born on August 21, 1929 in Genoa, Italy.


Degree in Medicine and Surgery, 1954. Lecturing qualification in Legal Medicine and Insurance Medicine, 1960. Lecturing qualification in Criminal Anthropology.


National Vice-Delegate, Youth Groups, Christian Democrats, 1950’s. Vice-President UNURI. Councillor, Genoa, 1971.

Assessor for Public Buildings. Regional Councillor, then Vice President, Christian Democrats group, Liguria. 1975; Deputy, Genoa-lmperia-La Spezia-Savona, 1976.

Member Committees on Hygiene and Health. Budget and Planning; elected Representative on Council of Europe, 1976. Re-elected Deputy, 1979.

Under-Secretary for Health in 1st and 2nd Cossiga government, in Forlani government, and in 1st and 2nd Spadolini government, Under-Secretary for Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Secretary Council of Ministers in 5th Fanfani government. Re-elected Deputy, 1983.

Under-Secretary Trade and Industry in 1st Craxi government. Reelected Deputy, 1987. Member Committee on Production, Trade and Tourism.

Lecturer, specialist school of clinical criminology University of Genoa. Specialist in Neurology and psychiatry. Chief Hospital Physician, since 1963.


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