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Burdene Kathryn Bowman-Dalton Edit Profile

education testing coordinator , computer consultant

Burdene Kathryn Bowman-Dalton, American education testing coordinator, computer consultant. Martha Holden Jennings Foundation grantee, 1977-1978; Title IV Elementary and Secondary Education Act grantee, 1977-1981. Member Association for Development Computer-Based Instructional Systems (director 1992-1994), Educational Management Information Systems and Proficiency Test (coordinator for Revere Schools 1992-2003), Phi Beta.


Bowman-Dalton, Burdene Kathryn was born on July 13, 1937 in Magnolia, Ohio, United States. Daughter of Ernest Mowles and Mary Kathryn (Long) Bowman.


BME, Capital University, 1959. Master of Arts in Education, Akron University, 1967. Postgraduate, Akron University, 1987.


Professional vocalist, various clubs in the East, 1959-1960. Music teacher East Liverpool (Ohio) City Shcs., 1959-1962, Revere Local Schools, Akron, Ohio, 1962-1975, elementary teacher, 1975-1980, elementary team leader/computer consultant, 1979-1985, teacher middle school mathematics, gifted-talented, computer literacy, 1981-1992, district computer specialist, 1987-1993, district statistical for standardize local testing, 1987-1991, district technical coordinator, 1993-1998, retired, 1998. Local and regional director Olympics of Mind, also World Problem Captain for computer problem, 1984-1986.

Consultant, workshop presenter State of Ohio, 1987-1991, district test. coordinator, 1991-1998. Coordinator for Revere Schools, Educational Management Information Systems, 1992-1998. Member Citizen Committee, Akron, 1975-1976.

Professional representative Bath Association to Help, 1978-1980. Member Revere Levy Committee 1986, Revere Bond Issue Committee, 1991. Audit committee BATH, 1977-1979.

Volunteer chairman Antique Car Show, Akron, 1972-1981. District advisor MidWest Talent Search, 1987-1993. District statistician of standardized rech. test results.


Member Citizen Committee, Akron, 1975-1976. Member Revere Levy Committee 1986, Revere Bond Issue Committee, 1991. Member Association for Development Computer-Based Instrnl Sys.

(director 1992-1994), Ednl. Management Information System (coordinator for Revere Schools 1992-1998), Phi Beta.


Married Louis W. Dalton, March 13, 1979.

Ernest Mowles Bowman

Mary Kathryn (Long) Bowman

Louis W. Dalton