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C. H. Chang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Cheng-hsueh


Chang C. H. was a talented lawyer who took up different positions in the 30s of the 20th century.


Mr.Chang was born in Haining, Chekiang, 1898.


Chang C. H. studied law at the law department of the Peiyang University (now known as Tianjin University), Tientsin and graduated with Bachelor of Laws degree in 1920.


After teaching at the Law College of Hangchow for one year, Chang C. H. was appointed judge of the Shanghai District Court, where he served for three years. In 1924 he became a procurator of the Shanghai District Procuratorate. In the course of his judicial duties, he decided over 1,000 cases, many of them involving foreigners without extraterritorial status.

Mr. Chang resigned from his procuratorship in 1926 and joined the Comparative Law School of China, Shanghai, as member of the faculty. From 1928 to 1929 he was appointed judge of the Shanghai Provisional Court in the International Settlement (now Shanghai Special District Court). Since 1930 he was engaged in private law practice in Shanghai.