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Calvin Thornton Durgin Edit Profile

naval officer.

Calvin Thornton Durgin, naval officer.


Durgin, Calvin Thornton was born on January 7, 1893 in. Son of Frank L. and Sara (Boal) Durgin.


Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1916. Completed flight training Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, 1920. Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1924.


Commissioned ensign, United States Navy, 1916, and advanced through grades to vice admiral, 1949. Served in United States Ship Connecticut and United States Ship Kimberly, European Theater, World War I. Commander United States Ship Wright, 1938, Utility Wing, Pacific Fleet, 1939.

Commander United States Ship Ranger, 1942, participated in invasion Western Morocco. Commander Fleet Air, Quonset Point, 1943. Commander joint United States-British Task Group, 1944, participated in invasion Southern France.

Commander Escort Carrier Force, Pacific, 1944-1945, participated in invasions, Mindoro and Luzon, capture Iwo Jima, capture and occupation Okinawa. Became commander naval air bases 11th and 12th Naval district, 1946. Commander Fleet Air, Jacksonville, 1943.

Deputy chief naval operations (Air), Navy Department, Washington, 1949-1950. Commander First Fleet, Pacific, 1950. President of the board inspection and survey Navy Department, 1951.

Retired 1951; president State University New York Maritime College, Fort Schuyler, New York City, 1951-1960.


Married Myrtle Fest, October 7, 1916. Children: Calvin Thornton (United States Navy), Phyllis (Mistress.

Frank L. Durgin

Sara (Boal) Durgin

Myrtle Fest

Calvin Thornton Durgin (United States Navy)

Phyllis (Mrs Durgin